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i’m trying really hard to stay on the elimination diet. it’s getting easier. i’m getting used to eating the same things over and over again. i’m bored. but i’m trying to stay motivated. i’m happy it’s grilling season. and that C bought me a sodastream for my birthday last year. when i’m bored, i’m drinking a lot of soda water with lemon or adding drops of these amazing bitters i bought in seattle last year:


i’ve gotten into the habit of sautéing an entire bunch of kale and a full fennel bulb for lunch or dinner most days of the week. add spicy mustard or lemon and it’s perfect.


yesterday i went to the grocery store and filled my shopping basket with kale, fennel and apples. then i went and stood at the coconut milk ice cream for a solid 5 minutes. i read the back of all of the so delicious sugar-free pints of ice cream. i got scared by the ingredients i didn’t recognize and decided it wasn’t worth the risk of a stomach ache, especially because i have been pain free for exactly 29 days. this is amazing. i settled for an iced mint green tea chai coconut milk latte instead. i drank it and tried to imagine that it was as good as coconut milk ice cream.

i’m currently roasting an entire butternut squash, beets, broccoli and sweet potatoes in batches (because our oven is so tiny) because i need to stop living off of rice cakes, apples, kale and fennel.


mustard is happy that i’ve been grilling salmon a lot more lately:


in San Francisco, i was sad to miss out on my favorite things, like: french fries with aioli:


amazing donuts, although i will admit i felt like i could taste them because they smelled so amazing:


i loved seeing the latte art other people got to enjoy:


twice i cheated and ate bacon. it was worth it.


once, i couldn’t find anything to eat while out walking through little italy, so i ate an entire shrimp cocktail all by myself for lunch:


i also discovered that i love honey and cinnamon on grapefruit and i miss eating figs. i also miss eating honey.


overall, i did pretty good though. i cheated on: honey, bacon, booze, a few chips, and i ate an entire pint of coconut milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream in 24 hours. i can’t believe i didn’t get sick.

i did, however, get a massive head cold on the 5th day and am still struggling to get rid of the congestion.
i have exactly 5 and 1/2 weeks left of this diet before i get to start adding things back in for real. now that i’m home, the temptation to cheat isn’t very strong. i’m struggling to get enough protein most days. i miss peanut butter and eggs. i’m adding those back in first.

in other news, my sister has been doing the same diet (has already adding some things back in because she breast-feds her two kids) and has lost almost all of her pregnancy weight. last i checked, my brother-in-law had lost 18 pounds doing the diet with my sister and i. nutty!

also, my birthday is july 5: you better believe i will be eating at least 3 cupcakes that day.


San Fran gluten & dairy free!

*been in San Francisco for 7 days and have had so much good food: here are my favorites

*Bio on O’Farrell St in the financial district: a tiny little space with a large selection of gluten-free and vegan options like jalapeño tuna stuffed avocado halves and these amazing banana pudding bread muffins made with hemp milk. I loved them so much that I bought 5 so I could eat one every morning for breakfast.

photo 2

photo 3

*Bio also made these amazing strawberry purees and vegan chocolate covered fruits, like these banana fudgey things that were unbelievably amazing.
*Can’t stop using the word amazing.

photo 1-2

photo 2-1

*The Plant Cafe makes amazing fruit smoothies with coconut milk, which I forgot to take pictures of.
*Blowfish is a fun sushi bar that made me a special roll and tailored everything we ordered so that I could taste almost all of it without fear of getting gluten-ated. Our server Suzie was super helpful. She also had rad tattoos and neon pink streaked hair, which made me love her more. I had raw oysters and the most tasty dish of marinated mushrooms I have ever had in my life.

photo 5-1 photo 3-1 photo 4

*Fish, on the coast in Sausalito, blew my mind. I had trout over greens and C had some stellar salmon tacos that I wish I had ordered myself.

photo 2-2

*Finally, we are drinking the best coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee. This morning I had a New Orleans iced coffee with coconut milk.
*So pretty.

photo 5-2

*I’m here with my old bestie, Holly, who moved to Seattle a few years back and some other amazing friends!
*Finding it easy to eat gluten, dairy and soy free, although I’m cheating on the elimination diet with booze, coffee, and potato chips. Totally worth it tho! Back to the grind on Monday. Till then, we need more cocktails!

photo 4-1




squash seed oil

i’m not going to lie and say i’m still doing the hardcore detox. instead, i’m going to say i’m on the detox with 1 exception: tea. i didn’t have any caffeine yesterday, which made for a long day, but it was a lazy sunday and i spent half of it at the beach and the other half at a bbq where i ate steamed clams (no butter, so good), 4 handfuls of blue tortilla chips (not on detox) and two glasses of chardonnay (definitely not on detox). last night i regretted both the wine and the tortilla chips while laying in bed with a agonizing stomach ache. this morning, i really regretted them, but i’ll leave out those details.

three things that made my weekend, in order:
1. squash seed oil. holy-moly this stuff is AMAZING. it’s nutty as ever but made from squash seeds. i can’t stop putting it on everything: salad, meats, raw veggies. C will probably catch me pouring it into my mouth this week. it was a gift from my sweet friend Sarah, giver of all thoughtful presents. she found it at F. Oliver’s, a shop that specializes in oils and vinegars in Canandaigua, NY. i will definitely be taking a special trip there soon because their specialty oils and infused olive oils look incredible. (note to friends and family: anything from F Oliver’s will be at the top of the list for any gifts you plan on giving or receiving.)

2. i had an interesting dinner friday night at Tapas (St. Paul St., Rochester). C and i usually go to Tapas for our anniversary and get mojitos. Right now, they have really amazing strawberry mojitos that taste great even if you forgo the sugar, as i always do. i used to be a fan of the flattened potato gnocchi, but my gluten-intolerance won’t let me go there anymore. their menu is great, but most of it is a no-go for gluten and dairy-free people. however, they had a special friday night: ahi tuna with collard greens, prosciutto, and olives. it was way too salty, but it was still lovely to be able to eat with C and our fiends and not just sit there and stare at all the food around me i couldn’t touch.


3. i started training for this 15k with my sister. it will be my first race. i’m excited.

gluten-free birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, so C and I spent the day biking, gardening, and eating a lot of gluten-free food. Here’s how to have an amazing birthday full of great GF eats and never leave the city:

*wake up late and drink you favorite peanut butter banana almond milk smoothie:

*take a motorcycle ride to get your old truck. go here and blow all your birthday money buying plants, top soil, and mulch.

*bike to Owl House and eat smoked trout hummus and pulled pork on GL bread with a pimm’s cup.

*bike to Javas for a caramel cascata (espresso, caramel, almond milk, ice: shake till amazing. 4th coffee in 4 years. it was awesome.)

*garden all afternoon and cool off in the soaking pool. head to Shiki for sushi dinner. drink my favorite unfiltered sake, stare enviously at C’s spinach/peanut dish (full of gluten soy sauce), order everything else made with no soy sauce.

*lay around the new patio. meet friends at Lux and taste every thing in the box of gluten-free goodies from EcoBella Bakery that your friends bring you as birthday cake, complete with hot pink sparkler candles.

*do a round of cheeseburger shots (tequila followed by hot sauce followed by dill pickle juice. it’s like eating a burger without the meat. no seriously. it’s good.)

*finish the night in your soaking pool, sipping on local finger lakes distilling pear brandy.

*best birthday ever.




dairy-free sorbet

Just had a sweet experience at Jersey Junction: when I told the girl scooping ice cream that I have a dairy intolerance and asked if she could use a clean scoop, she asked me if I wanted her to check in the back for a new, unopened bin of lemon sorbet so I could avoid any cross contamination. Then, she brought out a new bin and a new scoop and handed me a lovely lemon sorbet, untouched by any ice cream scoops. When I thanked her for being so understanding, she told me she understood because she has food intolerances, too.

Score 2 for Grand Rapids.

3-year old nephew Trae searches for the Superman flavor

3-year old nephew Liam sports his Superman ice cream
(yes, they are twins)