grilled beet salad

*i discovered that grilled beets are just as good as roasted beets and don’t require turning on the oven when it’s 95 degrees out.

*cut 3-4 medium to large beets in slices. (don’t slice too thin or everything burns and you get burnt beet chips. i sliced mine about 1/4 inch thick.
* brush both sides of the slices with olive oil and cover with salt and pepper.
*grill on medium-high for about 4 minutes, both sides. depending on the width of the slices, they may take longer or shorter.

make your salad:
*mixed greens/spinach
*goat cheese
*grilled beets
*top with favorite salad dressing. we used Brianna’s real french vinaigrette, although some oil and vinegar would also work great.


can’t eat fast enough

*i’m overwhelmed with the amount of greens that are in my fridge.

*yesterday, our farm share was full of lettuce, basil, beets/beet greens, chard, etc etc etc

*i’m going to be eating greens all weekend in a rush to keep them from going bad.

*i need new storage tips on making things last longer.

*we got cherries and blueberries!

*it’s hot and i’m dreading my noon workout.
*i plan on rewarding myself by eating the entire pint of blueberries and cherries this afternoon, pool side.

things i do that are ridiculous.

here’s a fun fact: leeks look a lot like green onions. especially if they are tiny leeks. as in the smallest leeks i’ve ever seen.

we got our first csa share last thursday (yay!) and immediately the panic set in about how we are going to eat all the food before it rots.  i have a running list of recipes to use during the summer because nothing makes me feel worse than opening my fridge to wasted vegetables. i also make everything in huge batches so i can give at least half of it away to friends.

i thought this recipe would be a good use of our radishes, despite my tendency to avoid potatoes. (we ate a lot of potatoes growing up. i spent all of my 20s avoiding anything potato-related except for chips.)

the recipes calls for pickling your own green onions in vinegar before adding them to the salad. i spent way too much time trying to cut up my green onions, which were tough and stringy and nothing like green onions. you would have thought that was my first clue. or the fact that my csa lists what we’re getting every week and there were no green onions on the list, but whatever. i pickled away and threw in a bunch of radishes as well.

all seemed well until i tried eating the salad and i could hardly chew what i thought were green onions. i emailed back and forth with my friend, who gets the same farm share, trying to figure out what they were: tough green onions? garlic scapes? no: leeks. i was eating raw leeks. raw. leeks.

the salad is still good. i’m picking out the pickled raw leeks.
i also have 2 huge bowls left of it. come over for some raw leeks if you want some.

recipe edits: the salad i made turned out nothing like this because i got lazy. i got to the pickled onions/leeks/radishes part and called it quits. my salad was a combo of: new potatoes, pickled radishes/leeks (sigh), hard boiled eggs, grainy spicy mustard, annie’s organic green garlic salad dressing, salt & pepper to taste. toss in arugula for a leafy spicy kick.