eating oranges

one of my favorite parts of january is that my all-time favorite fruit, blood oranges, are in season! i’m eating at least 2 a day. i love that every one is a little surprise–peeling it back and finding deep purples and maroons and reds. some times they are bright orange with flecks of bright purply-pink. last night i peeled one open and the entire orange was a deep burgundy, like the color of wine.


i love eating blood orange pieces in salads. the combination of greens, especially arugula, with herbs and olive oil and a wee bit of goat cheese makes me feel like it’s not january and not 30 degrees out.


here are a few blood orange recipes i’m going to try this week:
*smitten kitchen’s mixed citrus salad with feta and mint. (i got the smitten kitchen cookbook for christmas–more on that soon.)

*the jewels of new york’s blood orange salad (perfect combination of my favorite foods: fennel, arugula, nuts and mustard).

*martha’s take with kale, hazelnut and balsamic or her blood orange marinated pork chops.

also, my mom stuck this little orange peeler in my stocking and it’s so perfect for peeling oranges. no more picking random bits of rind out from under my fingernails for hours after. best stocking stuffer this year. my mom is a clever lady.


pumpkin smoothie and back-at-it

it occurred to me this weekend that i haven’t posted on this blog in over 2 months. i miss it here. i miss talking about food and how people live day-by-day having to think about everything related to what goes in their bodies.

last night, while talking with a friend, i realized that i never finished talking about my digestive journey and all the tests i went through to figure out what was making me so sick for so long. i think i’d like to do that writing, now that i feel peaceful about what i can eat, what i can’t, how difficult it is to travel with food intolerances, etc. (i promise to give fair warning for posts on my experiences with colonoscopies.)

in other news, i’m already thinking about the holidays and planning thanksgiving, which reminded me of this smoothie i made this summer. i have a history of eating things directly from cans, especially pumpkin. i used to do this when i was either busy or feeling beyond lazy, but the other day i opened a can of tomato paste simply because i was craving tomatoes and eating multiple spoon-fulls of tomato paste in the absence of any actual tomatoes and/or jars of sauce seemed like the right thing to do.

back in august, when i was constantly making paleo nuggets, i had random cans of pumpkin half-eaten in the fridge, beckoning me, so i did what every canned pumpkin-loving girl would do and dumped the pumpkin into a smoothie. and discovered that pumpkin smoothies taste like thanksgiving in august.

it’s not really warm enough to keep drinking smoothies, but i think i might need to try making this again while it’s pouring rain this week and all the trick-o-treaters are out.

recipe: combine in blender
*1 frozen banana
*2 spoonfuls of almond butter
*1 cup of canned pumpkin
*1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
*almond milk to the consistency you like (less for a thicker smoothie)

(would also taste yummy with coconut milk and maybe topped with cinnamon.)


little time, more flavor

*my blogs have fallen by the wayside lately. i’m in a steady push to get a full draft of my dissertation proposal done in the next two weeks so i can go on vacation with my family and have a draft to work from on the beach. i feel like i’m inching a long. like this: i-n-c-h-i-n-g.

*my friend julia is helping me develop some new paleo nugget recipes. last night we made these beauties:

*i think they might be the best ones so far (top to bottom):
-pistachio lemon (revised)
-chocolate hazelnut
-chocolate cherry
-pumpkin pie (seriously. so good.)

*recipes coming soon!


breakfast of champions

*summer time makes me a smoothie addict. if given the option, i’d drink a smoothie for every meal, but my sensitive belly doesn’t like my habit of blending every possible fruit i can find.

*i’ve discovered that i’m really bad at eating breakfast. really bad. i’d like to skip it, drink my iced latte and go straight to eating around 12:30/1 p.m.

*this does not go over well because i usually work out at noon every day and working out with only espresso and almond milk in your belly is not a good habit to live by. i realize this habit has developed out of lack of hunger, poor planning, and summer laziness.

*i’m trying to find new things to eat for breakfast that don’t require much effort. yesterday’s breakfast of champions was a larabar, blueberries, and some roast beef. the beef part just felt right at 8:30 a.m. while i was wandering the co-op trying to force myself to eat before noon. larabars are a bit sweet, but taste amazing. very much like the paleo nuggets i’ve been making. i don’t think you can ever go wrong with fresh local blueberries. i probably looked like a freak, but instead of taking the slices of roast beef out of the package, i just opened it and took bites out of the entire 10 pieces at one time. i highly recommend doing this in your car at stop lights when there’s a lot of traffic, giving people the opportunity to watch you gnawing on beef at 9 in the morning.

*happy tuesday.


new paleo nugget recipes!

i made an ungodly amount of paleo nuggets last week for the 4th of july festivities.
i also ate an ungodly amount of sugar over my birthday. currently in day 3 of sugar detox.

we had a very large cookout over the 4th and i decided all of my friends were going to be my guinea pigs for my new paleo nugget recipes. 2-3 of them have tried or are trying the paleo diet. the rest are just willing to be my test subjects because they like to indulge me.

in addition to the carrot cake and chocolate espresso flavors, i made salted pistachio lemon nuggets and cranberry pecan chia nuggets. the pistachio lemon ones were a big hit. i think the cranberry pecan chia had a little too much cranberry. need to keep working on that one.

if you try the recipes as listed, let me know how they turn out. or, if you alter them, let me know what you changed: i’d love to see new takes on the cranberry pecan nugget that might be better than what i’ve listed below.

happy eating!

salted pistachio lemon nuggets:
3/4 cup of salted pistachios (raw, if you prefer)
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
4 medjool dates (don’t forget to remove pits!)
zest of one medium size lemon
2 tbls unsweetened coconut milk

cranberry pecan chia seed nuggets:
3/4 cup pecans (raw)
3/4 cup dried craisins
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
3 tbls unsweetened coconut milk

*combine all ingredients in food processor. add additional tablespoons of coconut milk if mixture seems too dry.

paleo nuggets: chia style

i’ve become obsessed with making up new recipes for paleo nuggets. (a.k.a. paleo balls, but i really don’t want to call them balls, so i’m going with nuggets. maybe energy drops? i’m open to suggestions. nuggets for now.)

saturday, i made another batch of espresso chocolate nuggets and carrot cake nuggets. i’m realizing that the tricks to making these nuggets taste the best are:
*figuring out how much coconut milk to add. too much and they are too mushy. too little and they are too dry.
*being consistent with the type of dates i use in each recipe. this week, i bought organic dates, which turned out to be larger than the nonorganic dates i had included in the recipes last week. i realized after the fact that if i use the larger organic dates i need less of them; otherwise, the nuggets taste a little too sweet for me.
*rolling the nuggets in raw unsweetened coconut adds a nice texture and more protein/good fat. i’m thinking about what else i could roll these in that would add an interesting flavor or texture.

my latest combination is: pistachio pecan and chia seed (above). i meant to make them with walnuts, but wasn’t paying attention and dumped in pecans instead of walnuts. they still taste great, but next time i think i’ll try making some with walnuts. there’s something distinct about the flavor of walnuts that i think will work well.

chia seed is high in essential fatty acids, fiber and protein and is known as “super food.” chai seed is similar to flax seed, only better: you don’t have to grind up chia seeds to get the nutritional benefit of eating them (you have to grind flax); you don’t have to refrigerate them like you do flax; and they are much higher in antioxidants than flax and therefore, last much longer than flax seed does. read more about the benefits of chia seed here.

i’m still perfecting this one, so i’ll post the recipe when i’ve got it down.
until then, go eat some nuts and seeds. happy tuesday!