peach salsa/chutney recipe

i’m overwhelmed with fruit right now from our csa share and i’m trying to stay on top of it and on top of the fruit flies. thursday, i decided it was time to to make some thing with all my peaches. i don’t know if you’d call this a salsa or a chutney. i think chutney usually has sugar, which i wouldn’t add anyway, so maybe it’s a salsa. it would probably be really good with tortilla chips. i ate it on greens with grilled chicken, with avocado, or  just ate it right from the container.

*5-6 ripe peaches, cored and cut into small chunks
*handful of cilantro, chopped
*1 cup of diced onion and diced celery
*2 tbls of coconut oil (melted so it can be poured. use olive oil if you’re not a fan of coconut.)
*fresh squeezed lime juice from 1/2 a lime
*sea salt and pepper to taste
*mix everything together and let sit for a few hours in the fridge until all the juices make it extra yummy

day 9

*breakfast: blueberries, strawberries, unsweetened coconut milk

*lunch: greens, peaches, cilantro, onion, celery, chicken, coconut oil:

*close up of peach “salsa” mix: recipe to come

*snack: cherries

*tea of the day: peppermint tisane tea from open face

*dinner: grilled sole, fennel, lemon & dill (picture too dark & blurry to post)







yummiest ever

yesterday was a very head-achy day. i want to blame it on my first day without caffeine, but i woke up with a headache at 5:30 a.m. so i think the weather is to blame. it lasted all day until i went for a short run at 6. then it came back around 9. today, it’s better, but a dull throb is still behind my eyes.

i added more items to my “the days can not go by fast enough so i can eat this again” list: tea, sushi, tomatoes (a few of our tomatoes turned red this week and i had to just admire them in the garden and be glad my neighbor is enjoying them), more tea, eggplant.

our farm share yesterday was awesome: can’t eat: green peppers, corn, tomatoes. can/did/will eat: blueberries, lettuce, plums, apricots, zuchinni, dill, etc. i also bought a LOT of decaf tea from open face yesterday. they have an amazing selection of teas and a huge list of decafs. my plan is to try a different kind every day (iced) until i can drink regular tea again.

yesterday’s eats:
*pint of blueberries, hot water with lemon (not a good replacement for tea. at all.)

*cold chicken with basil and olive oil


*ginger carrots from open face

*radishes. just cuz i didn’t know what else to eat




*yummiest dinner i’ve made on this diet: grilled salmon w/ fresh dill and lemon, fennel, and asparagus











new games

i’ve decided that it’s really easy to be motivated about something uncomfortable if you know it’s gonna end at some point. at least, that’s been my perspective for the last 6 days. but then day 7 hit (today) and now i’m just trying to hold it together and not feel ticked when i walk into the co-op and only leave with strawberries.

to deal with this, i’ve added some new games to the r-diet beyond just taking pictures of what i eat. it also helped that i got a 30 minute pep-talk from my holistic doctor a few hours ago. the “down-side” to that talk is that she told me no more caffeine. she also told me this diet needs to last more than 14 days: at day 15, i can add back into my diet ONE thing. just one. and then 2-3 days later, depending on how i feel, i can add another thing. just one. and that’s how i proceed, indefinitely, until i’ve added back whatever i want to try. so, this is looking more like a few months than a few weeks.

here are my new games:
*make a list of those things i can’t wait to add back in and get excited about them. (so far, in order: iced tea, alcohol, almond milk. i’m sensing a liquid theme here.)
*take pictures of my food with the hipstamatic app on my phone so i don’t get annoyed that i broke my camera. breakfast today: blueberries (3 of those cups), tea with coconut milk, nectarine:

*start taking the repairVite as a shot in order to get it down 3-times a day. literally put it in a shot glass so it feels faster.

*use the peepshow shot glasses i got for my birthday (a different one each day) so i can have a different peep show every time. hey there marching band boy.

*play how many weird combinations of foods can i create from what’s in my fridge when i’m super sick of eating a pint of blueberries and 2 zucchini squashes a day. today’s weird combination, lunch/dinner: left over grilled chicken, raw carrots, green olives, herb dressing. (it was tasty.)

*begin drinking vanilla flavored seltzer water as my “treat” every evening and be happy that it’s sugar free and tastes like sugar cookies in bubbly liquid form.


day 5

day 5 of R-diet. latest realizations:

*being on campus and away from anything i can actually eat makes packing food for a 10 hour day away from home not all that easy
*getting protein feels impossible unless i want to subject my stomach to what constitutes cold chicken on the cafeteria salad bar. can’t do it. need to plan to cook some form of meat that i can bring with me. there might be a grill-fest tonight for the week.
*i’m so grateful that i’m doing this during the summer because of the access to local, fresh fruits and veggies
*i’m also grateful i can afford to eat this way and have access to fresh food, including seafood. i don’t want to ever take that for granted.
*i’m supposed to be drinking a scoop of this in water 3x a day. i’m lucky if i get it down once, it’s that gross. this morning i tried blending it with coconut milk and frozen strawberries. i managed to choke down 2/3 of it. not sure how else to get it down, other than taking it like a shot and chasing it with something to take the awful taste away.

what i ate from 7:30 a.m.-8 p.m. (plus 2 iced teas (black, green) and some olives):

dinner: grilled halibut and summer squash, sauerkraut

*excuse blurry/graining iphone pics. can’t wait to get a new camera…



being the not-very-experienced camper that i am, i left my camera out (lens open) over night in the woods. this wouldn’t have been a problem, except that my friend T and i awoke to a soft rain around 4 a.m. and proceeded to lay in our sleeping bags while the soft rain turned into a downpour for about 4 hours. T went to grab her car keys and realized my camera was sitting near the campfire, lens open, beeping away. suddenly it made sense that the bird i had been listening to all morning did not end it’s song with a little “meep!” but that my camera was simply in synch with the wild life waking up that morning.

i think our camera is beyond repair and C is trying to convince me to simply upgrade my iphone and forego a new camera, but i’m not convinced. lost are all the pictures of this weekend’s meals, so bye-bye repair-diet photo diary days 2, 3, and 1/2 of day 4. here’s what i remember eating: 2+ pints of blueberries, a quart of cherries, 2 peaches, 1 plum, 2 pints of strawberries, cantaloupe, lots of green olives, raw green beans, raw zucchini, chicken grilled over the fire (in the dark because we forgot flashlights) covered in fresh basil and garlic pesto and avocados, 2 grilled pork chops…lots of seltzer water and some sun tea. i think that sums up friday afternoon to sunday morning.

observations on day 4:
*i’m starting to get sick of raw veggies
*i miss almond milk and hard boiled eggs
*i haven’t eaten this much meat in years
*eating this much fruit some times makes you feel a wee bit bloated
*i have tons of energy
*camping is still fun even when you can’t have your favorite campy foods (smores & Jameson).
*i’m getting very good at imagining the tastes of things i can’t have (smores)
*i’m excited to have my first smore this summer in maine, if  i can. 4 weeks to go.

dinner tonight: grilled asparagus, zucchini and scallops

picture diary

i’ve decided that i need to turn this R diet (R: remove, repair, reinforce) into a game in order to keep myself motivated. part of the “game” includes taking pictures of everything i eat. i’m hoping it will help me look back at this experience and realize that although it’s probably easier said than done, it was worth it.

the goal of the diet is to remove anything and everything from your system that causes inflammation and might contribute to autoimmune reactions in the body, so cheating is a really really bad thing to do. eating this way takes a lot of planning. i’m used to that. however, some of the things i could carry around as snacks (hard boiled eggs, nuts, bananas) are not allowed. so, i’m having to rethink my daily approach. wednesday was a practice run: i had a plum, 2 apples, a large iced tea, a large herbal iced tea, raw broccoli, raw sugar snap pees, black olives, lettuce, raw yellow summer squash, raw fennel, fresh cilantro, tomatillos sauce, and a small piece of grilled chicken. (raw: b/c i like most things raw but also b/c i’m too hot to cook. i’m technically not allowed to have tomatillos and forgot that fact, but it was a practice-run day. )

i’m heading out with one of my favorite gals to camp for the weekend, so i just spent the morning cutting up veggies and fruits to keep me going through the weekend. pictures of that food adventure to come sunday.

yesterday was day #1 of the real deal. here are the pictures:

breakfast: strawberries, raspberries, peach, coconut milk (& probiotics!)

lunch: tilapia and escarole with fresh herbs and lemon

dinner: grill chicken, green olives, avocado, fresh basil

happy friday: may your weekend be full of healthy summer foods!

when life gives you lemons

complain about the fact that you can’t drink lemonade. or even gin and tonics.

due to circumstances i don’t have the energy to post about, my doctors have put me on a repair diet. some would call this a detox, but my doctors like to think of it as repairing, not detoxing. either way, this is the plan for the next 14-30 days. (14 if it goes great, 30 if necessary.)

most people would consider how i eat right now a detox. but even after 3 years of elimination diets and 7 months of gluten and dairy free eating, this dietary plan looks like the hardest. sure, there’s a lot on that foods to avoid list that i haven’t had in years. but there’s some stuff in there i eat all the time to replace all that other stuff i haven’t had in years.

when i got this news yesterday, i was okay with it. but then i woke up feeling tired and sore (from this and this) and crabby from the 90 degree heat and now i’m just annoyed. half the veggies and fruits in my fridge i can’t eat. no more almond milk. no eggs. given how limited my diet is already, taking away my favorite staples feels wrong, even if it makes things better long-term.

i need to go stock up on fruits i can eat.
one awesome amazing thing: olives made the foods to eat list.  there is a god.


i survived day 1 of 6 a.m. crossfit. i got up at 5:30 a.m. and biked to the gym. the ride there was nice. the ride home felt endless. i expect to fall asleep standing up at some point today.

i found my new early morning breakfast:
*1 cup fresh blue berries
*1 cup unsweetened original almond milk
*eat like cereal


*i have gone exactly 11 days without refined sugar.

*it would have been 13 days, but my research group surprised me with birthday treats (round 2) and it felt rude not to eat a piece. or 3.

*when you go this long without refine sugar, things you least expect to taste (that) sweet start tasting like dessert.

*examples: all natural peanut butter, berries, watermelon, raw red peppers.

*i read this article the other day. just read this if you want the jist.

*it made me realize that taking my fish oil supplements might not mean jack-sh*^ if i continue to eat sugar. they cancel each other out.

*in the last 7 days, i remembered (forced myself) to take all of my supplements 5 times. that’s 5 out of 7.

*these days were not in a row.

*5 is better than not at all, but not as good as 7.

vitamins: 0
deficiencies: 1

*i just forced down all of them with a frozen banana peanut butter almond milk smoothie.

*yes, i’m still addicted to those. one a day.  sometimes i don’t like to ruin them by taking supplements at the same time.

*i start crossfit training tomorrow at 6 a.m.

*i have not figured out what to eat at 5:30 a.m. to have energy to make it through the workout.

*it will not be a smoothie. it might be an egg. or nothing at all.

*wish me luck.