random bits

*avocado breakfast with Brianna’s dijon honey mustard dressing:

*i’m searching for a killer gluten-free stuffing recipe. this will be my first thanksgiving without stovetop, and yes: i LOVE stovetop stuffing. childhood favorite. i’m certain it’s the high fructose corn syrup that makes it so addicting.

*speaking of addictions, i have a new one and it isn’t eating from jars/cans. i love yerba mate. i need to find the perfect one to make at home.

thanksgiving pear & rosemary cocktail

yesterday, i had a little thanksgiving with some friends. rather than cook, i made pear & rosemary cocktails. (not an original idea: i stole the combo from martha.)

i’ve gotten so used to not drinking any sugar in my mixed drinks that i no longer like any mixed drinks sweet. even with honey. i’m used to very sour or mild cocktails, but most of my friends are not, so i decided to try making a simple syrup out of coconut sugar. It was much too sweet for me, but i think i would use if i needed to make a simple syrup for any reason.

*simple syrup recipe: combine 3/4 cup of coconut crystals with 1/4 cup of water. bring to boil, stirring constantly. remove from heat. (use immediately or store in fridge up to 2 weeks.) coconut sugar smells like molasses when you heat it and it’s very dark. you’re not burning it even if it looks like espresso. (i hope…) either way, it doesn’t taste like coconut, molasses or espresso so i think i went okay.

*pear-rosemary cocktail
-spiced pear vodka (hangar one makes a nice one)
-teaspoon of simple syrup (if you like it sweet)
-soda/sparkling water
-2 slices pear
-1 spring rosemary

here’s how i made it: combine vodka and simple syrup. shake with ice. pour into glass, add soda water, fruit, and rosemary. i could hardly taste any rosemary this way, so next time, i think i’ll muddle the rosemary first and add it earlier.

with coconut syrup:

without coconut syrup:



diet in a jar. or can.

*i’ve developed a habit over the last 2 weeks: eating full meals directly out of jars.

*two of my favorite go-tos: pumpkin and tomato sauce

*i started eating pumpkin right from the can when i got too busy (or lazy?) to make this. now, i just scoop out the pumpkin and add a dash of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon and i’ve got breakfast in 10 seconds. since i can’t have sugar, it’s like i’m eating pumpkin pie filling, minus the sweetness. (which i don’t miss that much anymore.)

*i’m not sure why i started eating pasta sauce from the jar. in the last 4 days, i’ve eaten 2 full jars with a spoon.

*C spends most of my meals looking at me like i’m a freak-show. last thursday night, he came home to me sitting at my desk, pasta sauce jar in hand, shoveling large spoonfuls into my mouth.

*this all seems very normal to me.


my 13-year-old skin

here’s something i didn’t know: when you go off the birth control pill (after taking it for 8 years) and go through a massive dietary detox for 4 months, you will wake up one morning looking like a 13-year-old. suddenly, all the toxins in your body will up and locate on your face and decide to take a few weeks (or months?) to work their way out. not wanting to go back on the pill or cheat on your detox, you are stuck with your “new” 13-year-old skin until it remembers that yes, you are 32 and no longer in 8th grade.

while i knew my hormones might be all kinds of whacked-out since going off the pill in june, nothing really prepared me for the onslaught of blemishes that surfaced in the last 3 weeks. it was like they multiplied every 2-3 hours. in fact, i haven’t had that many blemishes at one time ever in my life. it was starting to freak me out.

i went for a facial last weekend at a friend’s salon where they use 100% all natural, organic products. while talking with the esthetician about why my skin had decided to go back in time 19 years, she told me i shouldn’t be surprised: i’m 32, off the pill, and have been detoxing my body for months. it’s the perfect storm of age, hormones and diet. she gave me pumpkin peal and sent me on my way with directions to drink more water, stay on my detox diet, and stop freaking out.

it’s amazing to me how much diet impacts so many aspects of the body. it never would have occurred to me that detoxing multiple times over the course of 4 months could impact my skin so much, but in hindsight, it’s kinda silly that it didn’t occur to me, given how my body responds to strongly to everything i eat and drink. it’s so fascinating to me: each week of this digestive journey i wonder what’s gonna happen next…i hope my 13-year-old skin is short-lived.




dear sugar,

my body despises you. and still, i crave you.
i’ve been having flashbacks to my august family vacation, where i ate a lot of you.
i think this picture sums up the extent of my desire for you back then:

given how much you wreck my body through sneaky things such as wine, apple cider, and bananas, i’ve sworn you off until thanksgiving day. and then again until christmas.

it hurts me more than it hurts you.