venison & honey

*super relieved to say that last week’s doctor’s appointment went excellent. the test results showed that i’m low in protein and vitamin D (who isn’t?) but for the first time ever, my vitamin B levels are (almost) acceptable. the only additional thing i have to drop: eggs. turns out my body hates egg whites. so, no more eggs. i get to try to reintroduce them in september. this brings my enemy list to: gluten, dairy (except goat products), soy and eggs.

*this puts a major damper on my plans to break last year’s record (5) and eat 6 cupcakes from Ellie’s on my birthday next week. i’ve decided that in place of 6 cupcakes, i will dial down the sugar free-for-all and try only eating a little bit of coconut ice cream.

*last week, i tried 2 new things: venison & honey goat cheese.
*oddly enough, despite growing up in the country, i never ate venison; my family is not a hunting family. a friend of mine hunts and gave me venison steaks and some venison sausage that he made. they’ve been sitting in my freezer for at least 5 months. i’ll admit the only reason i wanted to eat any of it was because some one i knew actually killed the deer.
*it was surprisingly good. i overcooked it:


*second try was more pink and much better:


*another friend of mine found honey goat cheese that is (gasp!) animal rennet-free! now i can add this lovely Canadian cheese-making company to my list of goat cheeses made with vegetable rennet. note: my list had only 1, so it wasn’t much of a list.


*it was my first time eating goat cheese since christmas. i remember now why everyone loves it. after my salad, i just sat there eating it out of the package with a spoon.


*i’m still technically on the elimination/restore diet. i’m supposed to slowly add things back in every week or so. i can’t think of a single thing i miss eating right now, so that’s good news.


*in exactly 7 days i will get the full test results of all 9 vials of my blood work.

*the old me would have decided that i have exactly 7 days to eat every possible thing that i got tested for so that i can eat it just one more time before i’m told i can never have it again. i did this with gluten years ago: in the 3 weeks leading up to getting my test results i ate a lot of bread. i remember sitting with one of my bffs an hour before i was supposed to get my results in and saying “this might be my last real amazing sandwich for the rest of my life.” an hour later, no more gluten.

*the new me has decided that it’s not worth the pain. i tried to add in corn two weeks ago and it went very very badly. i paid for that mistake for 5 days. after recovering from that, i tried nuts because i thought i missed them. turns out i don’t miss them enough to be that bloated. (i also didn’t eat soaked nuts, which might have helped.) last weekend i went for some eggs. i had a stomach ache for hours.

*now, i realize that after 9 weeks, adding foods back in isn’t necessarily going to be easy. i was a bit surprised by the stomach aches with eggs and nuts. not so much with corn. i’m still hoping that my blood work will come back saying there’s nothing else going on and my reactions to corn, nuts, and eggs are just a natural part of adding foods back in to my diet that i haven’t eaten in 2 months.

*i hope corn is not an issue, although the only real corn i eat is the occasional tortilla chips. i love corn on the cob but in NY state the season is pretty short for fresh corn, so i won’t complain about it. nuts are another story. i like almond milk, although this elimination diet has made me LOVE coconut ┬ámilk. i’d be sad to give up ┬ánuts for life. giving up eggs would just suck, especially because they are a huge source of protein for me and i like to avoid too much meat. god forbid i have to go corn, nuts and egg free. good. lord. that would be crazy.

*i am extremely happy to say that the last 9 weeks have been the best 9 weeks of my digestive life: i’ve never had more energy and felt better. so, i must be doing something right.

*one new food i found that i love: go raw super cookies. despite being called cookies, they are not sweet. a handful of these are an awesome snack.




*i just bought the lemon ones. so good.

i’ll grill anything

*i’m sure a million people have done this before, but i had never heard of grilling kale.
*so, this week i decided that if i could grill it, it was going to be grilled.


*i’m kinda addicted to grilling veggies with olive or avocado oil right now.
*the last 2 weeks top choices: kale. mushrooms with fennel and lemon.
*i need to do more research: the idea of grilling on aluminum foil fills me with i’m-letting-more-aluminum-into-my-body dread.
*i’m very open to suggestions on this. grill baskets: thumbs down. you loose the oil. everything dries out.


*kale grilled: amazing. tastes like kale chips, only instead of the oven, you get to grill all of it.


*yet another way to get addicted to veggies.