eating oranges

one of my favorite parts of january is that my all-time favorite fruit, blood oranges, are in season! i’m eating at least 2 a day. i love that every one is a little surprise–peeling it back and finding deep purples and maroons and reds. some times they are bright orange with flecks of bright purply-pink. last night i peeled one open and the entire orange was a deep burgundy, like the color of wine.


i love eating blood orange pieces in salads. the combination of greens, especially arugula, with herbs and olive oil and a wee bit of goat cheese makes me feel like it’s not january and not 30 degrees out.


here are a few blood orange recipes i’m going to try this week:
*smitten kitchen’s mixed citrus salad with feta and mint. (i got the smitten kitchen cookbook for christmas–more on that soon.)

*the jewels of new york’s blood orange salad (perfect combination of my favorite foods: fennel, arugula, nuts and mustard).

*martha’s take with kale, hazelnut and balsamic or her blood orange marinated pork chops.

also, my mom stuck this little orange peeler in my stocking and it’s so perfect for peeling oranges. no more picking random bits of rind out from under my fingernails for hours after. best stocking stuffer this year. my mom is a clever lady.


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