mmmmmmm mustard

I’m a mustard addict. Hardcore. It’s odd if I don’t consume mustard at some point, everyday. I’ll eat it on anything. I’m not against ketchup, but I only like it mixed in with other condiments, like mayonnaise. And more mustard.¬†Growing up, I used to eat a lot of mustard and cheese sandwiches. While everyone was pouring ketchup all over their eggs and hash browns, I was using spicy mustard.


I still eat mustard on my eggs, but now that I have to avoid most diary products and gluten, I’ve had to research the best gluten and dairy free mustards because a lot of spicy flavored mustards have hidden ingredients and a LOT of sugar. One of my absolute favorites happens to be a local mustard made in Pittsford, NY by the Karma Sauce Co. My first brush with their garlic mustard happened while eating sausage at Swans Market last summer. I bought them out of every jar that week.

The Karma Sauce Co makes three kinds of mustard: garlic (my fav), chipolte (my second fav), cold process (my third fav). What’s awesome about their mustards is they are made with very few ingredients and no refined sugar. (When sweetener is added, they use maple syrup or raw honey.) My rule of thumb with condiments and processed foods is the shorter the ingredient list is, the better. I aim for 5 ingredients or less. The garlic mustard has¬†water, apple cider vinegar, whole grain brown mustard seed, granulated garlic, salt, and black pepper. The only down side of mustard is it is often high in sodium, although given how little processed foods I eat, I rarely worry about sodium. Still, something to keep in mind.

A quick online search on the benefits of mustard was a enlightening–mustard aids in digestion (much needed!), is anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, speeds up metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and can be beneficial in reducing the frequency of migraines (which I have had at least twice a month since I was 11.)

They also have amazing sauces with different heat indexes and I love how much they use butternut squash in all of them. I’m thinking I need to try their kats’up. Maybe it will convert me to a ketchup lover.



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