making and breaking habits

i’ve been thinking a lot about habits: how we form them, how we make them and keep them. theĀ 30-day challenge i did with my gym in january made me realize how much i love having sugar in my life. it was really hard to avoid it completely, especially when i was stressed out. it was relatively easy to drink less alcohol and coffee, but sugar kept sucking me back in; when i was sick, when i was drained, when i was feeling like i “deserved” something. it was almost creepy how i justified it, despite trying to keep less sugar as my goal.


i saw this idea on pinterest the other day: the idea that it takes 21 days for form a habit. i’m a bit skeptical that it only takes 21 days to make something a habit. (a quick online search: the 21 day thing is considered a myth.) however, it didn’t take very long for me to form the habit of starting my day with green tea instead of coffee. plus, i love neon colored post-it notes, so i’m gonna give it a go with sugar again.

these are my first 21 days without sugar:


my goal is to remove one post-it every day until i’ve managed to not eat sugar for 21 days. i haven’t gone that long without sugar in over 2 years. i want to be able to get to day 22 and want to keep going. i realize this completely conflicts with my desire to make the perfect brownie in 2013, so maybe on day 22, i can try making a perfect brownie without refined sugar and take a bite and give the rest away.

in other news, i’m visiting a slaughter house tomorrow as part of my work with high school girls and food. i was told we could see the kill floor. i’m prepared to return from the experience convinced i need to return to being a vegetarian.

i’m bringing my camera because we have permission to take pictures and film. check back later this week for the highlights. er, maybe the low-lights.

2 Comments on “making and breaking habits”

  1. rebecca says:

    Hi and thank you. This is wonderful; so creative and simple. I’m going to stop my sugar habit too, and I intend to use the sticky notes to keep me on track to write more and expect more of myself.

  2. Kyle S says:

    I actually like this idea and I’ll be trying it myself!

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