gluten-free birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, so C and I spent the day biking, gardening, and eating a lot of gluten-free food. Here’s how to have an amazing birthday full of great GF eats and never leave the city:

*wake up late and drink you favorite peanut butter banana almond milk smoothie:

*take a motorcycle ride to get your old truck. go here and blow all your birthday money buying plants, top soil, and mulch.

*bike to Owl House and eat smoked trout hummus and pulled pork on GL bread with a pimm’s cup.

*bike to Javas for a caramel cascata (espresso, caramel, almond milk, ice: shake till amazing. 4th coffee in 4 years. it was awesome.)

*garden all afternoon and cool off in the soaking pool. head to Shiki for sushi dinner. drink my favorite unfiltered sake, stare enviously at C’s spinach/peanut dish (full of gluten soy sauce), order everything else made with no soy sauce.

*lay around the new patio. meet friends at Lux and taste every thing in the box of gluten-free goodies from EcoBella Bakery that your friends bring you as birthday cake, complete with hot pink sparkler candles.

*do a round of cheeseburger shots (tequila followed by hot sauce followed by dill pickle juice. it’s like eating a burger without the meat. no seriously. it’s good.)

*finish the night in your soaking pool, sipping on local finger lakes distilling pear brandy.

*best birthday ever.




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  1. whitwhit says:

    not to be a debbie downer, but caramel has butter in it! just thought u should know for future caramel cascada cravings! there’s a good vegan recipe here if u wanna make it at home:


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