i’ll grill anything

*i’m sure a million people have done this before, but i had never heard of grilling kale.
*so, this week i decided that if i could grill it, it was going to be grilled.


*i’m kinda addicted to grilling veggies with olive or avocado oil right now.
*the last 2 weeks top choices: kale. mushrooms with fennel and lemon.
*i need to do more research: the idea of grilling on aluminum foil fills me with i’m-letting-more-aluminum-into-my-body dread.
*i’m very open to suggestions on this. grill baskets: thumbs down. you loose the oil. everything dries out.


*kale grilled: amazing. tastes like kale chips, only instead of the oven, you get to grill all of it.


*yet another way to get addicted to veggies.



One Comment on “i’ll grill anything”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi there, thank you for all of the great recipes here. I cannot wait to try the pudding. I’m sure I’ll become a raving lunatic and tell everyone I know about it…

    Regarding grilling, which is a great way to cook almost everything, why don’t you either buy or make a pan that has very small holes in it, to keep the foods moist but still expose them to the actual coals/fire? Stir, or shake the pan, until the vegetables get some color. Foil is cheating and the food does not taste the same in my opinion. Best wishes, Rebecca

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