peanut butter tastes better

C and i are huge fans of smoothies. we should buy stock in frozen strawberries and bananas.

a few days ago, i was hungry and craving sweets, but because i rarely keep anything sweet in the house and didn’t want to go anywhere, i decided to throw a few things in the blender and see what happened. what happened was my new addiction: banana peanut butter heaven.

toss the following into your blender for a perfect snack, dessert, or energy boaster:
*1 banana, preferably a few days past it’s prime so it’s nice and sweet
*2 spoon-fulls (as in  tablespoon size) of peanut butter. i only buy organic peanut butter from my local co-op because it’s what i’m used to and the kind i love. the only ingredient is peanuts.  gives it a nice nutty taste without all the sugar.
*1 cup of unsweetened original almond milk

blend till mixed and tiny bubbles form on the top of the smoothie. if you use a small banana, it makes about a mug-full. if the banana is old enough, you won’t need to add any sweeter. it’s a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free dessert of sorts. enjoy daily.


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