the greener the better

i made 2 sauce/pestos last night and both were equally bright green and equally amazing. if you’re looking for something to do with all the garlic scapes that come in your farm share, garlic scape pesto is really good and helps you blow through the bulk of it. (just be warned: your breath will be ridiculous after eating it so plan to brush, floss, and use breath mints!)

C is also a huge fan of tomatillo sauce, especially if it’s smothered on grilled steaks. we also put tomatillo sauce on grilled fish, in veggie wraps, and use it as a salsa verde with tortilla chips. tomatillos are a mexican fruit that look like little green tomatoes covered with husks. you can find them in the larger chain grocery stores, but ask if you don’t see them. they aren’t always easy to locate.

i’ve never made garlic scape pesto, so i looked up some recipes online. these two looked good, so i used them as a guide. i didn’t have any nuts, but i think next time i will add toasted walnuts to it. also, i skipped the parm cheese because of my cow-product allergy.

C usually makes the tomatillo sauce recipe to taste, guessing as he goes, but there are also a lot of recipes online if you want something different.

garlic scape pesto:
*large handful of fresh basil
*2 large handfuls of chopped garlic scapes
*little dollop of minced garlic (which you don’t really need)
*salt and pepper to taste
*olive oil till it looks right and isn’t dry (1/4 cup or more)
~combine all in food processor and process till slightly chunky, slightly smooth

tomatillo sauce:
*6 tomatillos, husks removed, cut into fourths
*2 large handfuls of fresh cilantro
*1 jalapeno pepper, chopped
* teaspoon of minced garlic
*juice from 2 freshly squeezed limes
*salt and pepper to taste
~combine all in food processor and process till everything is blended and slightly chunky



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