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i’ve decided that it’s really easy to be motivated about something uncomfortable if you know it’s gonna end at some point. at least, that’s been my perspective for the last 6 days. but then day 7 hit (today) and now i’m just trying to hold it together and not feel ticked when i walk into the co-op and only leave with strawberries.

to deal with this, i’ve added some new games to the r-diet beyond just taking pictures of what i eat. it also helped that i got a 30 minute pep-talk from my holistic doctor a few hours ago. the “down-side” to that talk is that she told me no more caffeine. she also told me this diet needs to last more than 14 days: at day 15, i can add back into my diet ONE thing. just one. and then 2-3 days later, depending on how i feel, i can add another thing. just one. and that’s how i proceed, indefinitely, until i’ve added back whatever i want to try. so, this is looking more like a few months than a few weeks.

here are my new games:
*make a list of those things i can’t wait to add back in and get excited about them. (so far, in order: iced tea, alcohol, almond milk. i’m sensing a liquid theme here.)
*take pictures of my food with the hipstamatic app on my phone so i don’t get annoyed that i broke my camera. breakfast today: blueberries (3 of those cups), tea with coconut milk, nectarine:

*start taking the repairVite as a shot in order to get it down 3-times a day. literally put it in a shot glass so it feels faster.

*use the peepshow shot glasses i got for my birthday (a different one each day) so i can have a different peep show every time. hey there marching band boy.

*play how many weird combinations of foods can i create from what’s in my fridge when i’m super sick of eating a pint of blueberries and 2 zucchini squashes a day. today’s weird combination, lunch/dinner: left over grilled chicken, raw carrots, green olives, herb dressing. (it was tasty.)

*begin drinking vanilla flavored seltzer water as my “treat” every evening and be happy that it’s sugar free and tastes like sugar cookies in bubbly liquid form.


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  1. Anastasia Cerankosky says:

    I love Vanilla Seltzer when I’m cleansing/dieting. It fools me into thinking I’m getting a treat .

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