detox + vacation = fail

after 3 solid years of elimination dieting and 7 months of gluten, dairy and soy-free eating, you would think i would be up for any diet-related challenge. i.e. i haven’t been tempted to eat a single pastry, muffin, or bagel in 8 months. i’ve learned to eat everything without butter and still love it. i haven’t had a beer in 3 years and went a solid 10 months without wine. sure, it’s not “fun” but it’s not exactly “hard” once you’re used to feeling really good.

i think the key to surviving a detox is to never eat out or travel when you’re doing it. we just spent 3 days in nyc and i had 3 epic fails: 1. i drank a total of 4 glasses of wine, a hard cider, and a sour cherry martini between the afternoon of day 11 and the late night hours of day 12. (no alcohol allowed)  2. i got lazy and ate gluten-free french fries cooked in peanut oil. (no potatoes or nut/nut oils allowed)  3. i sampled some tortilla chips and salsa because there was no where else to eat where we were and all i had for dinner was a few pickled green beans. (no corn, rice, or tomatoes allowed).

i don’t know what this means. i don’t know if it means i have to start over because i didn’t go a full 14 days but only 10. i really don’t want to start over, mainly because i’m going on another trip in a week and a half to Maine and i really want to eat the gluten-free gnocchi my sister is going to make me on our trip and at least 5 s’mores. (one for every night i’m here.)

i guess the good news is that i didn’t get sick from having any of those “cheats”– at least in the short-term. if i’m forced to start over, i won’t be complaining about it, since all those cheats tasted great, didn’t make me sick, and i was on vacation. the words vacation and detox should never been in the same sentence.

*i’ve been slacking on the pictures, simply because i eat the same 5 things over and over again. and over again. and again. this has been my new breakfast: turkey bacon and avocado. (grilled at 10 a.m. in the morning. yup. that’s me firing up the grill for breakfast neighbors.)


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