squash seed oil

i’m not going to lie and say i’m still doing the hardcore detox. instead, i’m going to say i’m on the detox with 1 exception: tea. i didn’t have any caffeine yesterday, which made for a long day, but it was a lazy sunday and i spent half of it at the beach and the other half at a bbq where i ate steamed clams (no butter, so good), 4 handfuls of blue tortilla chips (not on detox) and two glasses of chardonnay (definitely not on detox). last night i regretted both the wine and the tortilla chips while laying in bed with a agonizing stomach ache. this morning, i really regretted them, but i’ll leave out those details.

three things that made my weekend, in order:
1. squash seed oil. holy-moly this stuff is AMAZING. it’s nutty as ever but made from squash seeds. i can’t stop putting it on everything: salad, meats, raw veggies. C will probably catch me pouring it into my mouth this week. it was a gift from my sweet friend Sarah, giver of all thoughtful presents. she found it at F. Oliver’s, a shop that specializes in oils and vinegars in Canandaigua, NY. i will definitely be taking a special trip there soon because their specialty oils and infused olive oils look incredible. (note to friends and family: anything from F Oliver’s will be at the top of the list for any gifts you plan on giving or receiving.)

2. i had an interesting dinner friday night at Tapas (St. Paul St., Rochester). C and i usually go to Tapas for our anniversary and get mojitos. Right now, they have really amazing strawberry mojitos that taste great even if you forgo the sugar, as i always do. i used to be a fan of the flattened potato gnocchi, but my gluten-intolerance won’t let me go there anymore. their menu is great, but most of it is a no-go for gluten and dairy-free people. however, they had a special friday night: ahi tuna with collard greens, prosciutto, and olives. it was way too salty, but it was still lovely to be able to eat with C and our fiends and not just sit there and stare at all the food around me i couldn’t touch.


3. i started training for this 15k with my sister. it will be my first race. i’m excited.

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