stupid wheat

exactly what i said out loud in the cold foods aisle of Laurie’s Natural Foods yesterday when i discovered that my favorite toasted coconut flake marshmallows have a “may contain traces of wheat” allergy warning. so disappointing. i ate them last summer, 6 months before tests showed i had a gluten intolerance, and never noticed the warning. of course, back then none of my doctors suggested i avoid wheat, so i ate what i felt like eating.

sigh. i’m only disappointed because i was saving my first intake of sugar in 7 weeks (i can’t believe it will be that long!) for s’mores on my trip to Maine next week and now i’m not so sure i’ll be eating more than the gluten-free grahams and the gluten/dairy/soy-free chocolate. i haven’t bothered to check the warnings on regular bags of marshmallows because i’m slightly grossed out by gelatin.

i hate that word “may”–maybe yes or maybe no? sweet and sara’s faqs page says that only one kind of marshmallow (of course, the s’more flavor!) contains gluten; however, all of them are made on lines that process wheat-containing products. once again, i’m kinda stuck: risk a belly ache and not know if it’s from contamination or from sugar? decisions, decisions. might just eat my weight in the chocolate. or maybe my sister and i could try to whip up our own recipe…


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