day 20

it’s technically not day 20 of the detox because i’ve cheated on tea, wine, and some potato stuffs over the past 2 weeks. but my doctor told me i don’t have to start all over, but to just keep going and try to stick to the detox as much as possible. i’m actually thinking it’s about to get easier: tomorrow i leave for my annual vacation in Maine and eating in Maine is fun, fun fun!

here’s why:
*i’m staying at places with kitchens, refrigerators, lots of counter space and grills. i never have to eat out unless i really want to.
*i’m traveling/staying with my sister, who is also gluten, dairy, and soy intolerant. this means we plan all of our meals together and get really giddy about trying new things. (we might attempt this marshmallow recipe. stay tuned.)
*my sister’s husband loves to cook with me and i love to cook with him. what we’re making for our next meal is always a topic.
*i’m spending 3 days on the coast, so i’ll be buying seafood straight from the source: off the docks. giddy about this.
*i’m then spending 5 days at my family camp on a lake, a few miles from this organic farm. i buy a lot of produce here. bonus: they make all their own yard and the upstairs is a knitter’s heaven.

in other news, i’ve stopped taking pictures of everything i eat because i’m literally eating the same things over and over again: blueberries, cherries, peaches, asparagus, salads, fennel, meat, herbal tea, blah blah blah. i’ve started only taking pictures of the interesting stuff i eat. i’ve lost 3 pounds. my jeans are fitting better. this makes me happy.

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