sugar and spice and all things nice (and sweet)

just returned from 9 days in the great state of Maine: i survived vacation by dumping my detox diet and eating my weight in sugar. no seriously. i ate enough sugar in 9 days to make up for the 7 weeks i didn’t have any. it was worth every single morsel. plus, i needed something to write about here, so clearly, i had to try as many gluten-free and dairy-free sugary things as possible!

in order of my favorite things, 4 total:

1. my sister sarah’s gluten-free, banana chocolate chip cookies. (pictured above.) she made up the recipe herself (get it here) and they were amazing. so amazing that we baked a batch and i ate exactly 5 and a 1/2 cookies in 1 hour.

2. s’mores. i ate 6 s’mores in maine, exactly as planned. honestly, they didn’t taste that different from regular s’mores: maybe a little less sweet, but still awesome. sarah found these marshmallows at her health food store: they are gluten-free, diary-free, and oddly, sugar-free. wasn’t too sure about the sugar-free part but we were pleasantly surprised! they toast right up like marshmallows and have the exact same texture as regular marshmallows, only without that sharp sugar taste. loved them. plus, they are 2-toned: white and purple. and they are made in belgium. (if you’re in the market for toasted coconut marshmallows, i still have these in my fridge for the taking.) we used S’moreables for graham crackers, which were more like cookies than crackers, but that’s all i could find before we left. for chocolate, we used our favorite chocolate chip brand, enjoy life. they make candy bars perfect for s’mores. (we used the rice milk bar and also tried the dark chocolate bar for kicks.)

3. So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream. this brand has changed my life. meaning, it’s the one and only way I have and ever will eat ice cream again. it’s made from coconut milk and it’s so good, it’s hard not to eat an entire container in one sitting. i’m not a fan of every flavor. i love love love the chocolate peanut butter swirl, but i didn’t like the vanilla bean all that much. it was far too sweet, like eating too much cake batter. we also tried butter pecan, which has no added sugar: it tasted like maple syrup–something i don’t mix with anything but pancakes. i was totally shocked by how much i loved the plain chocolate which had no sugar in it: it was like eating semi-sweet frozen chocolate chips. i wanted to try more flavors, but a lot of grocery stores don’t carry more than 1-2 flavors, so they aren’t easy to find.

4. Mahalo candy bar: vegan’s dream. it’s┬áthe perfect replacement for the almond joy, my former addiction. in fact, i think it’s even better than an almond joy. made by go max go foods, it’s one of their gluten-free candy bars and i’ve never seen them in rochester. please don’t tell me where they are locally, or i’ll be in trouble.

as of yesterday, i’m back on detox and sugar-free until…well, i need to pick a date so i have something to look forward to. i’m thinking some time in october when there’s perfect fall weather and i can bake up a huge apple crisp. will have to start looking for some good GL/DF recipes. also, still want to try this chocolate zucchini bread. until then, back to the no-sugar grind!


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  1. Gabriella says:

    Those cookies look amazing! I can smell them from here!

    I love SO Delicious coconut milk ice cream! The gluten-free cookie dough is my favorite flavor! (It has yummy chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough!) And the new No Sugar chocolate flavor is like frozen chocolate mousse.

    Go Max Go Mahalo Bars??? They’re sweet decadence! Thank goodness I can only eat a bite at one time, or else I’d be as big as a blimp by now! LOL!

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