some day i will not drink powders labeled “medical food”

seriously: that’s a goal of mine. to never again have to drink any substance that comes in powdery form. i thought it was bad enough prepping for a colonoscopy last summer. i made it through that cleansing experience by dumping the entire powder mixture into a quart of organic sugar-packed lemonade and chugging it for an hour.

shot glasses got me through most of the RepairVite days, although i didn’t finish the entire container. (meaning, i may have to go back to it in a few weeks.)

right now, i’ve graduated to UltraInflamx in mango flavor: it’s less fun than it sounds. (anything labeled “medical food” causes me to pause.) my doctor has me on it because i’m doing the ReStore diet and it’s supposed to help with an intense anti-inflammatory restoration detox by providing a lot of vitamins, minerals and protein. this morning was my first go at it.

the powder looks like bright mustard-yellow curry:

mixed with water, it looks like…mustard-colored curry mixed with water.

it tastes like s*^t.

in other news, i made a big mistake and ate out at the distillery on tuesday night. why i trusted their gluten-free menu is beyond me. i asked the waitress to check with the cooks about salad dressing: she returned to tell me everything i ordered was “okay” but the look on her face was full of uncertainty. my friends just looked at me and said: don’t eat the salad dressing. i didn’t. but what i did do is eat the grilled chicken, which was covered with (maybe not gluten-free?) spices and most likely cooked on a grill that had no been cleaned for contamination.

i’m on day 3 of killer stomach pain and i’m working from bed with my heating pad pressed against my stomach. depending on the level of contamination, it usually takes 3-4 days to feel okay, so i know it will end.

i wish my belly button was a reset button for my entire digestive track. that would really nice right now…

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