gluten-free whoopie (pies)

My sister and I hit the jackpot last Thursday in Quincy MA for a family wedding: while wandering around the town looking for possible dinner options and finding absolutely nothing we could guarantee wasn’t going to make us both sick, we landed at Good Health Natural Foods in hopes of throwing together some semblance of a dinner, as well as breakfast and snacks for the following 48 hours. We spent 30 minutes having mini-freak outs about our new food finds, including: yummy popcorn; a sweet bean salsa; cocoa crispy cereal (Sarah’s latest addiction); chocolate candy bars (my first candy bar since last Halloween, a disaster story for another day); and Justin’s peanut butter cups with dark chocolate…

And the jackpot find: a gluten-free, dairy-free whoopie pie.

It was worth the 1,200 calories. No joke: that’s one thousand and two hundred calories of sugar, palm shortening, and heavenly goodness.

If you grew up any where in New England, you grew up eating whoopie pies. My entire family is from New England (mainly Maine and Massachusetts), so I’ve eaten a lot of whoopies in my life.

We bought two of them. One was for us to share with my uncle John (pictured with my sister), who has had crohn’s disease since the 80s. We were giddy to try it. The other one was for my brothers, who love to tease us that nothing gluten-free can be as good as foods containing gluten. Unfortunately, we forgot about it before my older brother left, so my other brother, Joel, got to share in the deliciousness. He was pleasantly surprised.

The fun part of extended family gatherings is that we talk a lot about digestive stuff. My uncle John and two of my cousins have crohn’s disease and a number of us have other digestive issues, so we always spend part of our time talking about our latest contaminations and gluten-free finds. While having digestive issues is no fun, I think I’m pretty lucky that I have a large family with a lot of similar digestive experiences: there’s always someone around to share in the gluten-free excitement.


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  1. There needs to be more gluten free recipes. Thanks for your efforts.

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