sugar and spice and all things acidic

*here’s a not-so-fun fact: i’ve been sick for 2 full weeks now. every morning. aaaaaand i’m over it.

*here’s a not-so-ironic fun fact: 2 weeks ago is when i started adding things back into my restore diet.

*this means 1 thing: the things i’ve added back have got to come back out.

*what i’m most sad about, in this order: tomatoes, coffee, red wine, honey.

*today is day one without these things.

*in a moment of i-can’t-take-this-ridiculous-diet-anymore-weakness, i made chocolate chip almond cookies and ate 3 of them for lunch on tuesday. the only thing in there i couldn’t technically have was the chocolate chips (sugar). they were awesome.

*onward and upward.

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