all things orange

*i got this sweet potato in my very last farm share last week. it’s about 9 inches around and 8 inches long. if my farm share wasn’t organic, i’d swear something creepy made this thing grow this large:

*here’s a funny thing: now that i’m cooking again, i can’t stop eating. can’t. stop. i think it has something to do with making up for lost time, working out again, and being able to eat whenever i want because when most of what i eat all day is veggies, beans & lentils, i can eat all the time and never have to think about gaining weight or being full. it’s lovely.

*i’ve added three things in: tomatoes, lentils, and some beans. as long as i soak the beans overnight, i’m good to go.

*i’ve been cooking off and on for 3 days. i made split pea soup, chana masala, stuffed cabbage, roasted brussels sprouts with apples, black bean tacos, and pumpkin quiona.

*i’m becoming addicted to indian spices. my mouth is on fire with curry, masala & cayenne pepper.

*if it’s orange, i’m eating it.

*it’s amazingly inexpensive to buy organic bulk beans, lentils & peas. i’m happy to be eating less meat and getting my protein from some new sources.

*if you’re looking for something to add to soups that will knock you back, try this:

*it’s also a lovely orange:

*my toes have been so numb over the last 2 weeks that i’m wondering if i’m deficient again…slacking on supplement intake lately.

*my latest cooking spree forced me to finally replace my cast iron cookware. i’m sad to see it go, but hoping to give it a good home soon.

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