diet in a jar. or can.

*i’ve developed a habit over the last 2 weeks: eating full meals directly out of jars.

*two of my favorite go-tos: pumpkin and tomato sauce

*i started eating pumpkin right from the can when i got too busy (or lazy?) to make this. now, i just scoop out the pumpkin and add a dash of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon and i’ve got breakfast in 10 seconds. since i can’t have sugar, it’s like i’m eating pumpkin pie filling, minus the sweetness. (which i don’t miss that much anymore.)

*i’m not sure why i started eating pasta sauce from the jar. in the last 4 days, i’ve eaten 2 full jars with a spoon.

*C spends most of my meals looking at me like i’m a freak-show. last thursday night, he came home to me sitting at my desk, pasta sauce jar in hand, shoveling large spoonfuls into my mouth.

*this all seems very normal to me.


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