random things i buy because of this blog

while shopping for thanksgiving the other week, i made three impulse buys. i was on my way to the baking aisle for peppercorns and the holiday display at the end of the seltzer section had these three beauties:

i’m a sucker for seltzer. i’m also very picky about it. i prefer Polar. mainly because i have fun memories of driving by the big polar bear that stands on top of the Polar plant just off route 290 in Worchester, MA. as kids, we would wave to it every time we passed it on the way to visit family in maine. (i still do this. the waving part.) when i went through detox this summer, lime seltzer was my every-day beverage of choice. vanilla-flavored seltzer was my dessert. literally. i drank it after meals when i had sugar cravings. i got sick of it pretty fast.

now that i’m in month 4 of the restore/detox diet, i’m having some new realizations. mainly: that i can no longer drink alcohol. one drink and i’m woozy. i had one martini at a party saturday night and work up with a killer headache. i’m not sure if it’s the limited diet, the light eating, or the lack of hydration. (probably all 3.)  C told me i make for a very cheap date these days. given how much i used to drink (at least a glass of wine every night of the week), i’m saving us quiet a bit of money now that i maybe have 1-2 drinks a week. to say the least, my body is glad i’ve given it up.

so, rather than sip wine while decorating the house this week, i’m going to be trying one of these holiday seltzers. i’m most excited about the candy cane. cinnamon has potential to be full of awesome. eggnog just sounds horribly scary. i’ll let you know what i find out.

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  1. jlc says:

    how was the eggnog?

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