more random things i buy because of this blog. and b/c i miss sugar.

*that’s right people: no diary. no soy. just coconut sugary goodness. i can hardly wait till this weekend to try them both. i’m not letting myself open them today for fear that i will drink both in their entirety by the end of the day and end up with a killer stomach ache.

*i’m also still technically “off sugar” — i haven’t had any since thanksgiving.
*but i am cheating for holiday parties. (i had salted dairy free chocolate at a holiday party last weekend. chocolate tastes ridiculously amazing when you haven’t tasted it in a few months.)
*lucky me, i have two holiday parties this weekend. one i’m co-hosting and will be making these gluten/diary/soy free brownies.

*i tried the eggnog seltzer. it tastes shockingly like eggnog. i spiked it with rum and i had the perfect, light holiday drink.






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