2011 holiday realizations

things i discovered over the last 2 weeks:

1. coconut milk eggnog is amazing. coconut chocolate mint milk with a shot of coffee in it is even more amazing. i had that twice and it was heaven.

2. i love sheep cheese. a lot. my sister made me a gluten-free lasagna with raw cheddar sheep’s cheese for christmas day. it took me 4 days, but i ate exactly 7 pieces between last monday and thursday. i think i’m done with lasagna for another year.

3. my mom is a saint. she made me gluten-free, diary-free, soy-free, refined-sugar free pumpkin pie. it was amazing, despite all those “frees.” C even liked it. i ate it every day for breakfast for 5 days.

4. i miss sugar much less than i thought i did. when confronted with sugary options i could actually have, i found myself just wanting to eat more lasagna and drink tea than anything else. i think it’s been out of my system long enough that i’m over it.

5. after a solid week of having others cook for me, i’m lazy. i want to walk to the fridge and pull out an already prepared meal by my mom or sister and heat it up rather than cook one myself. this laziness needs to pass soon or i’ll be eating carrot sticks and hummus for the month of january.

6. i finally slowed down enough to get sick. i brought in 2012 with a red wine/NyQuil cocktail and have been awake approximately 3 hours total in 2012 thus far. the only up-side is C is making me chicken soup, allowing me to prolong my laziness one more day.

7. i have some 2012 food goals to share later this week, once the head cold diminishes enough that i’m up for more than an hour at a time.

happy healthy new year!

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