back at it: frozen peanut butter

hello there!

it’s been far too long since i posted last. i decided i needed a hiatus from this blog for awhile, but i’m beginning to miss it, so here i am!

it’s a hot and humid 89 degrees today in Rochester, so i’m trying to stay cool by drinking a lot of sparkling water: my summer addiction.
i can’t say much has changed here by way of eating habits since i was posting last winter except i’ve given up grains and beans completely. i hope that decision is not forever, but so far, i feel the better for it. i’m hoping to spend more time posting fun recipes and ideas for people adjusting to life without bread and butter (and soy and beans and other fun things), so stay tuned!

my new favorite thing: frozen peanut butter. it’s like peanut butter ice cream. only without the ice cream part. 🙂
i add these little cubes of frozen yumminess to smoothies instead of ice or just eat them when i need a protein pick-me-up.

i highly recommend using silicone ice cube trays. i use these for my frozen peanuts butter squares.

my friend heather found a recipe for making cold paleo almond butter balls in a similar way: i’ll add that link when i find it.

happy summer!

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  1. Jenny O says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re back!

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