carrot cake & chocolate espresso paleo style

like most normal people, i’m obsessed with pinterest. i keep finding really amazing recipes, such as these:

chocolate espresso paleo balls on the left,  carrot cake paleo balls on the right.
i made these yesterday and plan on using them this week as protein pick-me-ups before workouts. or, whenever i feel like eating something that tastes like dessert, but isn’t. both recipes are just a base of nuts, a few dates, seeds and unsweetened shredded coconut blended in a food processor. for the carrot cake recipe, you add shredding carrots, cloves and cinnamon. for the chocolate recipe, you add cocoa powder and some ground up espresso. coconut milk and a few dates in each batch is what makes them moist and sticky.

both recipes call for almonds, but i ran out so the chocolate espresso ones are made with pecans and hazelnuts. i used raw unsalted nuts for both of these, although i’m sure roasted and salted would be good, but a much different flavor.

happy monday!


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