chips vs. stix

I’m determined to make the most of my food intolerances, so I try to make reading labels an adventure. I love it when I discover something odd. Case and point: chips vs. stix.

From the front of the bags, these two crunchy snacks don’t seem that different, except for the shape of the chip:

Good Health Natural Foods makes both of them. They are the same color scheme. Their labels are almost identical with the exception of the background color. Other than the shape difference, anyone would assume they are the same chip, just made in a different shape. For the most part, they are. A friend brought the Veggie Stix as a snack for a meeting a few weeks ago, thinking I could eat them. But she bought the “wrong” bag.

Here’s why:

The traces of wheat warning is only on the Stix bag, not the Chips bag. The warning is in a little box under the ingredients list, but other than the boarder, it doesn’t stand out on the back of the bag. Hence, it’s pretty easy to miss.

I have no expectation that anyone buying food for me to consume should obsessively read labels the way I do. Honestly, I felt bad she went out of her way to buy something she was excited to have for me, knowing all too often I can’t eat most of what’s served at social events. My mom did the same thing a few months back: she went out of her way to bake me a loaf of gluten-free bread, but didn’t see that whey was listed on the ingredient list.

As a person living with food intolerances, I’m extremely grateful and consider it thoughtful when someone attempts to cater to my specific needs. It’s not easy to do, especially for most of the people in my life who don’t have to think twice about what they eat. In both of these instances, I’m just glad I read the label before I started eating. It feels a little awkward to second-guess someone’s choice for you, but I’m so glad I did, because in both of these situations, I would have ended up sick and everyone would have ended up feeling bad.

Veggie Stix: welcome to my enemy list.
Veggie Chips: let’s hang out.



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