new paleo nugget recipes!

i made an ungodly amount of paleo nuggets last week for the 4th of july festivities.
i also ate an ungodly amount of sugar over my birthday. currently in day 3 of sugar detox.

we had a very large cookout over the 4th and i decided all of my friends were going to be my guinea pigs for my new paleo nugget recipes. 2-3 of them have tried or are trying the paleo diet. the rest are just willing to be my test subjects because they like to indulge me.

in addition to the carrot cake and chocolate espresso flavors, i made salted pistachio lemon nuggets and cranberry pecan chia nuggets. the pistachio lemon ones were a big hit. i think the cranberry pecan chia had a little too much cranberry. need to keep working on that one.

if you try the recipes as listed, let me know how they turn out. or, if you alter them, let me know what you changed: i’d love to see new takes on the cranberry pecan nugget that might be better than what i’ve listed below.

happy eating!

salted pistachio lemon nuggets:
3/4 cup of salted pistachios (raw, if you prefer)
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
4 medjool dates (don’t forget to remove pits!)
zest of one medium size lemon
2 tbls unsweetened coconut milk

cranberry pecan chia seed nuggets:
3/4 cup pecans (raw)
3/4 cup dried craisins
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
3 tbls unsweetened coconut milk

*combine all ingredients in food processor. add additional tablespoons of coconut milk if mixture seems too dry.

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