grilled beet salad

*i discovered that grilled beets are just as good as roasted beets and don’t require turning on the oven when it’s 95 degrees out.

*cut 3-4 medium to large beets in slices. (don’t slice too thin or everything burns and you get burnt beet chips. i sliced mine about 1/4 inch thick.
* brush both sides of the slices with olive oil and cover with salt and pepper.
*grill on medium-high for about 4 minutes, both sides. depending on the width of the slices, they may take longer or shorter.

make your salad:
*mixed greens/spinach
*goat cheese
*grilled beets
*top with favorite salad dressing. we used Brianna’s real french vinaigrette, although some oil and vinegar would also work great.


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