goals & shrimp & avocado

i made a list of 2013 goals over on madebyrachel yesterday and at the top of the list: blogging here more. i had hoped to do more blogging here during the fall, but the semester got crazy and i was focused on course work and teaching and putting out a winter collection and so on and so on…

i’m pretty good at keeping resolutions, so i don’t shy away from making them, even if i don’t share them publicly. given my limited diet, i rarely make goals related to eating because i’m already a relatively healthy eater. i work out at least 4-5 times a week, and i love my gym and the people who go there. i feel like i’ve finally found a fitness home that works for me. but i know my vices, so in the spirit of trying to live healthy and support others in the process, i’m gonna list my health-related goals for 2013, in order of how hard they will be to accomplish (easy to hardest):

eliminate refined sugar

drink fewer than 4-5 alcoholic drinks a week

drink fewer than 2 cups of coffee a day

do one pull-up (you can see my first pushup ever here!)

it’s january 3rd and so far, i’ve managed to make it through the first three days of 2013 with no refined sugar, no booze, and only 1 cup of coffee. i did 45 pushups (the one my knees kind) yesterday  morning at the gym. i did half of them well and the other half i barely got myself off the floor.


i also made this superfood recipe from Iowa Girl Eats, a sweet blog i found through pinterest. it was amazing. i took out the black beans, as 2012 finally taught me that my body hates beans and lentils. while they haven’t been added to the enemy list yet, they have graduated to the eat-in-tiny-amount-and-rarely-if-you-want-to-enjoy-life list. sad to loose that source of protein but i was sick of suffering through the digestive misery. oddly enough, i was out of quinoa, so i used a long grain brown rice that has a nutty flavor and is super high in protein. i’m excited to see what else is on the Iowa Girl Eats blog for recipes. scope out her long list of yummy eats here!

happy new year!

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